I Too Know The Harm Of Drugs From My Life Experience.

When I was 19 I moved to San Francisco and lived in an apartment with three other guys. We were what was called then "garbage heads" we would ingest anything that would make us high from cross tops to Methadrine to huffing freon. I don't know how I lived through those days but I did and also finished university. I am now a stock investor with a comfortable life, but I often think back to those days of free love, drugs, and rock music. A heavy price is paid by anyone using drugs, sometimes you may think it's worth it but usually it's not.
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1 Response Mar 16, 2011

I admire anyone who gets out of the addiction club. I to was an addict for to long. I lost two big things n only have thoughts each day of i wonders. Im sober now n live healthy n have a man that loves me but what i've lost i can't seem to bring back n that i feel guilt everyday. I try and love me but honestly i never will. At least i stay sober in hopes that maybe one day. Love your story n being brave to share.

hi a loved one of mine is using meth i just found out 2 weeks ago my story is long and complicated but i would like to chat with you. I am looking for support in dealing with this.