Okay Now I See Where I Stand With Her.

So there is this amazing girl i met , we have been texting a lot lately well she's admitted to me that she likes me however she has a boyfriend who treats her like dirt, So we went to the beach together today and it was probably of the best days i'v had in a long time we swam and sat and talked for along time, we even walked down to the pear as we leave she starts getting text messages from him and now shes clearly upset, shes tells him that she is at the beach with me , rest of the ride she complains about him , I sit quit analyzing the whole situation and I finally see it,  she likes me yes but she likes that I listen to her and its obvious he doesn't , well I seen the truth, and now I see how quickly I can allow myself to feel from someone well, I learned a new lesson in love.
theBIGfix theBIGfix
26-30, M
1 Response Jul 11, 2010

well can't blame yourself for having feelings for her your only human after all, probably she love u too but can't leave her boyfriend that easy .... it happens... don't worry bout it when it works it works out when it doesn't just sigh take a deep breath and move on :)