Thank You

I should say that I find all of you fascinating, whether you are like me or a totally different species- I love looking through your profiles and finding unique things about you.  I have learned a lot about the world from some of you and others have made me frightened for the future of this world, but one thing I can always honestly say is it had been very interesting and you hold me in a state of confused bliss much of the time. For that I thank you,. 
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Thanks for the post. I feel the same way.

You were one of the interesting ones too. Hopefully I will find other interesting people where I am going. Wrote a story about it, to update my friends.

Awww thanks Sam. **hugs**<br />
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Thanks SM

...and there's me using the term "beautiful" for you FunGirl!!<br />
<br />
As in spirit.....mind...and love...<br />
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You are truly one of a kind, girl!<br />
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Yeah...there's some.....ahem...."interesting" profiles and experiences out yourself, most confuse me (...and I thought that I was a woman of the world! *sigh*), some make me giggle...and some get me upset....<br />
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Bit it all helps to make EP the interesting place that it is...... :-)<br />
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Samantha xx

I am a little scared to look under De. I am not sure what I might find there lol.

LOL thanks jimmy. that feeling is mutual and I think of SPOCK as well.

The word "fascinating" always reminds me of Dr. Spock, a stoic face and a slightly raised eyebrow... But I guess that's not what you meant...<br />
I must say I find you to be quite... errr... interesting as well, fungirl : )

I am not sure what you were asking me Gigi? I am not looking for a new dress. I am more of vintage lingerie type girl myself, I dress for the SGT's fantasy.

u're so interesting,right? my friend recommended me for a good places--- shopindream, where the dress not only beautiful, affordable, and the quality is very good, I believe there you may find you wanted.

I may do that SM.

Thanks lena,. that feeling is mutual.

Thanks Ron for the honesty. I love you to death. You make me smile and I really need that in my life,.<br />
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Isn't she sweet Gr8?

Thanks SM... you are cool too.

Thanks for hanging around with me,. i am glad we are friends too.


Thanks Joey.

Awwww you are much too kind to me Mewold.

I wish I was a cool dude. I am just an old fat nudist.....<br />
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Yes, fungirl, what you said is so true and You bring wit and energy and fun to EP

haha smooches, <br />
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You are pretty cool Mother.<br />
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You are too Red.

Seeing red is learning to cope and admit to myself what things really are. A mixture of anger, frustration, madness. . . but at the same time, it evokes passion of life as well. It is a very extreme color. And while we may be insanely at one end of redness, we always try and reach for the other end. Especially if someone needs it. Like your phrase, "a confused bliss". That means red. ;P<br />
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Thank you, Fungirl.

Whole pie. i am starving. I am getting ready to go out in a few and i will have some keylime pie mmmm

hehe a whole cheesecake,or just a slice? lol

Yes and I want it now lol.<br />
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Oh yeah ouck and some are brilliant.<br />
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SI, thank you<br />
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Thunder, Thank you too.

hehe, you really do love your cheesecake dont you?? lol

I agree. I've always been amazed and impressed by most of the people I've seen on EP.

I like reading your stories. As someone else said here, they are rock solid.

Your stories are intriguing.

Cow, and you are very interesting to me, Where's my cheesecake?<br />
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Thanks Groovy. ((hugs))

And I believe we all find you (and your stories) very fascinating. I know you are what attracted me to EP several years ago. Your writings are solid everytime. Glad to know you hon.

There are some great creative minds here and I am always fascinated by the writing of the different people. I like this place, and there is only one other place where I get to see that creativity more.<br />
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Of course little lion.

mooooooooooo, im a fascinating cow, mooooooooooooooooo!!!

Yes I am indeed fascinating aren't I?

That's the main reason I come here I get amazed with the uniqueness I find here and admire their creative minds I love it

Snooky, Your undying devotion to your wife and your willingness to do whatever it takes to make her and yourself happy. Your focus on being a good father and still be able to incorporate the intimacy into your life.<br />
<br />
hehe bluebie. I was just thinking about your lawn tonight and laughing my butt off. <br />
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Red Dust, i have been reading some of your stuff today and I really see why you call yourself red dust. I am wondering how a person that can only see red can possibly take time out from that powerful feeling to touch my life the way that you did. You reached out to me in a time of darkness and made me feel there was hope. Thank you.<br />
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Stony, you are going to make me tear up. I just like you and therefore it makes it easy to be a nice person to you.

Well, I find you facinating too, so I guess the feeling is mutual, but I hope that you are not talking about me when you say confused because sometimes I swear you know me better than I know myself girl.

Fungirl; what is fascinating about me? I'm just a DULL 36yo man.

I like that. . . "hold me in a state of confused bliss". Thank you, Fungirl. I really like that phrase.

Actually, I'm not funny. Well, funny-looking I guess. You are a great and beautiful lady, and I must envy whomever is your significant other.

HAHA You are funny. I am a nice person and I try to live my life in such a way as to always be beautiful.

And I thank you for our very limited friendship. You are an intelligent, admirable, and honest person, whether I agree with you or not. While I am not privileged to know, I suspect that there is a quite beautiful and sexy lady behind the EP ID. If not, let me proceed in ignorance.