All Of You, Every One....

It may sound trite, it may sound silly but i am sincere in my statement that i find all of you fascinating....I don't ever expect to fully understand all of you, nor your choices, or your life experiences, after all, what makes us different is what makes us unique and if we all liked the same things life would be very boring place indeed.

But its your life stories, your journeys, the paths you've chose, the trials you've experienced, the joys you have shared, the sorrows you have suffered and the inherent goodness within each one of us that is a measure of the human spirit that surrounds us, envelops us and helps us to understand ourselves and the world around us a little bit better.

And that is why I find everyone on EP, even if we're not friends, fascinating individuals in their own right.

lostlittlefirefly lostlittlefirefly
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2 Responses Nov 10, 2011

YOU,, as always,, are so welcome,, i thought it would make you feel better when u wake up if<br />
you heard some home truths,,, and i doubt too much of u exists,,,,,whats worse,(for u )is <br />
i wanna find out?,,,,now theres a thought,,,,,so beware,,,,,lo, i was unable to stay awake after the 7th story as it was 2am in the early hours,,,i was so pissed over that as was in a really good little firefly mood,,,,,lol ,,,,,,i have a dream world where me and u are er?,,,,oooo how do i tell u that!<br />
use your imagination my sweetness,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,xxxxxx hows your head?,,,xxxxxxx

lesson one,,,how to mix a cake?,,,,,one tiny change and u have an entirely different cake,,,,,,,we all<br />
are just the ingredients,,,,,yes??? but i think you are the icing on the top ,,,,,,,,,lovely,,,,

trouble with icing is that too much can make you feel sick! lol

thank you for your comment as always, your a good friend to me, ;-)