How Many Women Like Anal Sex?

My husband and i do not have sex vaginally very often because his **** doesn't do much for my ***** however we do have sex anal style, that is the only way his **** is going to make me ***. I have only allowed him to **** me anally, no one else thus far. I have grown very fond of it over the past year and i guess i am feeling kind of brave lately as i have been thinking of trying it with someone else just to see how it feels, would i like it, would i *** etc. A week or so i decided i wanted to try it in a different position me on top reverse cowgirl and i really got into that. Not much you can do to spice up the sex life when you only have a few options. Does women not enjoy this as much as i do> Are they scared to try or do they not admit to this in fear of being judged? Interested in other females responses.
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Yeah I love it too. I've had a couple of girlfriends that adored anal, for others it was taboo. But surely its better to experiment in case you miss out on something you'd enjoy.

My wife love it in the ***.

Isn't anal just great!

I love it. It makes me ****** every time, sometimes I even squirt. Nothing quite like a good hard arse ****

My wife and I would do anal once in awhile and it seemed like she would ****** just about every time and that was never the way with vaginal sex. She won't even consider anal now.

My experience is that about 10% of women prefer anal sex and just forget about vaginal ******* once they're been done through the backdoor. Your husband is lucky...I'd exchange my wife for you right away! This being said, once the hole to be used is agreed upon there are as many variations in position, location, in vaginal sex. ******* and licking are a wonderful way to do oral. You'll see how deliciously multifaceted your anal ring and your rectum can be. And use the front hole to make a few babies, that's mostly what it's for anyway...

I also enjoy anal sex, i think most women would enjoy it with the right partner, lots of lube and the partner needs to take his time and be very gentle first couple of times until she gets use to it. After that she may soon be asking for it.

My wife loves it, she can't get enough of it. But when we first started we had to take it easy. I think you will like it, just make sure you get someone that won't go to rough or you might not what to try it again.

with the women i had anal with.. our relationship became more intimate

I know you are looking for ladies to respond and I respect that. I am curious, any suggestions on how I can get my wife to try it, she will not although I have tried.

I am curious, how big does a **** have to be to satisify you vaginally?

6-7 inches if you know what to do with it... And try getting her drunk and lube her ***** and *** up but don't pay much attention to the *** until you have teased the **** out of her. And try missionary it hurts way less and it's more comfy for women

Not a woman but, Your husband is lucky to have a woman like you who enjoys anal. I have only met a couple that love it

Glad it works out for you. That way both your needs are satisfied.

This is a survey that I would read

I love anal. gives the most amazing *******. Its an important part of a varied sex life I share with my husband. More women should give it a try before they decide they wouldnt like it

I certainly wish a lot more did. Certainly the women I know. That way I could ac tually het some