My First Anal

I used to travel to a city in the south of Spain, during the journeys I met a very handsome man a bit older than me, I was 24, we talked everyday about current affairs,our jobs and so on. Then, one nite in the returning trip he asked me about my favourite positions and I had ever done Anal. I got red in my face and my heart beat fasten and fasten, I seemed to be offended but my knickers were really wet and durty with his coments about his own experience. Suddenly he grabbed my arm and take me to the lavatory. I was like a bictch on heat begging for mercy but askung for more, he stuck his **** violenty it hurt, I want to scream to bite his finger but he closed my mouth, he called me ****; -feel it, you like it,don't you? and started to ride me wildly, I was crying but I feel pleasure, not pain, we starte to kiss each other while he was using me...I can't tell what I thought but I love him cause hei introduces me into anal. Nowadays I have a big ***** and introduce it into my *** thinking about him
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26-30, F
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good hat you haven't lost that habit

Keep using that big *****. I hope you some day find another man that can help you in your anal training.

Hell, why don't I meet women like you? Would love to give you anal.

promise you that when it happened I wanted to repeat my experience every time I travelled by train. It hurts but I love anal

hope you like my photos

Loverly thanks. I want MORE and a few of you with a huge **** up your ***.

i know you do. its a great feeling having that ******* jammed with a hardon.

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Amazing story!!!!