A Heavy Mind Is Not Good For Self Esteem

It happens for a variety of reasons, sometimes clear and present stress, sometimes  some semi-conscious thought, sometimes words said by somebody, sometimes off-track body system, sometimes just self-consciousness in presence of certain people. I, then, tend to forget things, feel directionless and a variety of related moods.

Clearly it is a kind of a depressed mental state and corresponds with a lower energy both physical and mental.

At times it goes away with some resolving thought connected with the current situation. At times it goes away with time gradually. At times it goes away with change in outer scenario, meeting friends, going out etc, workout helps too.

thedistracted1 thedistracted1
31-35, M
2 Responses Mar 23, 2009

i get that way when i'm off work for awhile. i let myself slide and slack off a grueling schedule....but feel LOUSY then when i start back to work/school---leaden, direction-less, dead-weight, just want to crawl into bed and stay there. sounds to me like 'pay-back' i bring on from slackin' is not worth it! duh!!

Yes, awareness about what is happening and trying best to look at it ob<x>jectively does help, but sometimes its hard to look at the mind's state by extricating it from the reactions and memories of causing events.