Get Over It

Vivagalore Vivagalore
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

I LOVE that. Don't get why anti-theists and anti-atheists don't have that slapped to their wall to read before stating how horrible one belief system is over another. SERIOUSLY! Not all people are their religion (or lack of it) - it's simply a small piece of what makes them who they are. Mass murderers, rapists, etc. are not born out of what moral system they are raised/live under - religious or not. They are born out of SO many different combination of variables that really, there is no possible way of ever being able to fully dissect the root causes. If we could, there would be no more murders and rapists.

SO whenever people bring up things like, "well what about JOE BLOW, the mass murdering atheist...". What about him? He's a messed up human being who just happens to be an atheist. OR what about the religious nut who convinced a group of people to commit mass suicide? What about him!? He just happened to be a power hungry person who found that religion was a useful way to round up impressionable followers. If he was an atheist instead he would STILL be a power hungry person looking to dominate a bunch of people - I'm sure he could have found another vehicle in which to lure the weak.