They Might Be Funny But You Are (A)pathetic.

I'm gonna keep this brief but there is a very good reason why there are alot of pissed off atheists. Do you know how much war and death/abuse results from religion. And how many people in total are dead before they should have died because of religion. And here are theists floating around, spewing destruction under gods orders and are legally allowed to. Religion has become political but thats not the sole reason its a public nuisance. I do hope people can see the bigger picture here from a more humanistc point of view rather than taking the ignorant stance, shame on my fellow human beings,shame...

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And, of course, you can conclusively show that none of this would have happened if there were never religion in the world. You can also prove, I'm sure, that all of the good things that religion brought to the world would have happened just as well without it.

I'm atheist, but am able to see some good come out of theism and religion, just like I'm able to see some bad come from atheism and science. To be either atheist or theist and only see things in black and white is where problems start to arise.

Blaming believers for the crimes that have been committed in the Name of God is like blaming Einstein for the atomic bomb.

I agree, the existance of god and dogma are different things but when they are thrust upon others who simply within their hearts just don't believe in god, they are persecuted, you can't make someone believe in god if they have no reason to, if the numbers don't add up. Theism and religion are frequently interlinked. At least deists generally keep their beliefs to themselves. The only respectable people that just happen to believe in god for their own logical sake, they follow no dogma.

Good vs. Evil is hardly funny. Theism and religion are two different matters, though not necessarily unlinked.

I do have to say though, its not just theists that hack me off, its agnostics. Sometimes, they are even more misunderstood in what we think than theists and claim we are are more dogmatic, its a lose/lose situation as we get it from both sides. Since we are in fact allowed to express our thoughts on religion without being labelled dogmatic, I don't think its dogmatic, its being strong and assertive and basically says, we are not taking anymore of your crap that you just made up. took most of the words right outta my mouth, more or less...<br />
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now let me schrunch and force that inner demon back into my bowels before I get lambasted and hanged for it, because I don't belong to any of those religious affiliates that have my back...

There is much shame to be had for the religious people who violently protect their own viewpoints. There are countless millions dead from such b#llshit. There are other beliefs out there that have killed many more people though. The belief in nations, nation-states, nationalism. The idea that we can carve up the world into pieces and fight over them. What the **** is America? It's an arbitrary set of borders that were acquired via genocide and today is maintained as the dominant global economy through more and more killing. Deaths from religious stuggles in the past century pale in comparison to deaths from ideological struggle (WWII, Cold War, Latin America, Vietnam), race (Rwanda), resources (Africa). The most powerful religion out there today is capitalism.

Religion is a boil on the butt of humanity.