Atheist Maybe Not So Much

I'd rather not try to convince an atheist of the existance of a higher power,  I've never seen a group of people more offended by God in my life. There may be exceptions, but I've yet to see one. Nope my skins not thick enough for that., but it's fun to watch them freak out.

Update...............Yeah, I pucked up again............another case of "returning fire".  No sense in apologizing cause I'll probably do it again.

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I'd like to encourage you to read "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins.

Mmm, as English is my first language, I fail to understand your post. However be sure that god does not exist...

manic ramblings. I had forgotten about this post. Probably written after dealing with an aggressive atheist, hence the apology for 'returning fire'.

civil respectful polite friendly<br />
these are all things i fail to be talking to theists about religion<br />
Its because im not allowed to say it openly its taboo to question someone else religion in case you upset them.<br />
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Some people have screwed up beliefs and even tough i might respect them as a person i cannot be tolerant of immoral beliefs.

Yeah, I suppose I do. Long ago my pastor told me that If I read the Bible too much I would go crazy. Maybe he was right.

You sound very like I was, at one point. My thoughts were that the bible was mainly history combined with what I saw as spiritual Aesop's fables. I saw God as in all nature, not just a guy in heaven, and I never accepted Jesus as my saviour. In effect I suppose I was a gnostic Christian with a bit of pantheism thrown in.<br />
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You are a questioning Christian, a most dangerous thing in the mind of an inerrant fundamentalist! You have your own personal Council of Nicaea, in a way :)

A most excellent comment, skraeling. I'm at an interesting point in my spiritual journey. I'm a heretic to the fundamendalists, and a Theist to the Atheists. I studied the Bible for years and came to a place where I could not take every word literally, or even accept some of the more draconian verses of the old testament . I've noticed the similarity of Gilgamesh and Noah, and the interesting similarity of the Sumerian, Babylonian, and Hebrew accounts of creation.<br />
Yet I've accepted Christ as my Savior, and I know in my heart that there are things that Christ said, and things that people said that He said., and I'm not 100% sold on Paul, but I see James as being right on. I've also noticed that Jeremiah 8: 8 implies that the Old Testament is not completely God inspired. In the eyes of a fundamentalist, I'm worse than an atheist.

Duck! Incoming atheist!<br />
<br />
I always find it interesting to look at other points of view, and having trawled through a few stories in this group, decided to park my comment here. Its ok, I fed the parking meter.<br />
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I'll get the most contentious (perhaps) subject out first - the concern about fundamentalists getting too much of a hold in education and government. At the moment it isn't too bad, but my worry is that the USA could end up as a theocracy, forcing all to believe and act under what are essentially stone age laws / concepts. <br />
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Moving on to areas where we my thoughts almost mesh with yours:-<br />
<br />
Puck - from the original story here: I am not personally offended by God, in the same way that Santa, Zeus or the Emperor God of Japan (as was) do not offend me. Pat Robertson is a special case - though I think he offends most people anyway.<br />
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Marji - I try to be civil, but I find that the ones who descend to insults fastest are, sadly, the fundamentalists. I've never blocked anyone, and only ever deleted one comment.<br />
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Back to Puck - I liked that story of the guitar pla<x>yer in North Park Blocks - and the beauty is, after something like that, you don't care whether the guy was a follower of the great star banana, or any odd religion, it was just a great moment.<br />
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Myheartsong - you pointed out that some "athiests are...they are a little irrational...judgemental...and hmmm arguementative??" I agree - but I suspect that a lot of online arguments stem from one problem that text has - we have no additional clues about the person typing, no facial ex<x>pressions, no tone of voice, no body language hints. It is MUCH too easy to misconstrue the written word, especially in a heated discussion. Feel free to add me as a friend, lets see how it goes :)<br />
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Puck again :) your comment about "I've had them gather around my car and take my liscenc plate down because I was playing music with God references. They can indeed be militant."<br />
<br />
You are too kind. I'd call them complete jerks. So you are playing Christian music, so what? <br />
<br />
And finally - yup, evolution tends to be a biggie.<br />
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So that's me, the Skraeling, pottering into a semi-neutral camp and laying out my wares on a table for you to have a poke round at, to see which ones you like and dislike. Any purchases will be liable for state taxes at 8.25%, thank you.

That's where me and the young earthers part ways. I can easily reconcile God and evolution.<br />
I think thats the reason so many people kill in the name of religion, because they see it in the realm of superstition and have created their own gods to suit them.

Excellent point WhentheWallsfell. I'd hate to think what would happen if believers represented 2.5% of the worlds population. I think we would disappear pretty fast.

In retrospect, this is another one of those stories I wish I'd given more thought to. I made an observation on the computer that would eventually cause a stir. As often is the case it was in response to what I've seen and read recently and I guess I was "firing back"<br />
I've just never seen people get so worked up over something that they claim doesn't exist.<br />
Is it because of all the horrible things theists have done and still do in the Name of God? -or is there more to it than that.<br />
Yes my "observation" was written hastily and it was more of a reaction than a response. Sorry.

I love your passive-aggression. That is just as funny to me as you observing atheists "freak out". <br />
<br />
Though, it is just as humorous to us atheists to watch you believers (in a higher power) fumble around trying to explain the existence of said power.

I suppose we can't have this thread without some exchanges.

It is amusing.... How can a simple few words on a wall, or someone stopping for a moment and saying a prayer offend someone so much? And many get really bent out of shape simply because someone believes in something other than we crawled out from under a rock on the sea floor.<br />
Can you imagine the evolution it would have taken to become as complex as the human being?<br />
<br />
Don't get me started. lol<br />
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I'm outta here..... *POOF*

I call it uniqueism. Many of them feel unique in a world full of theists and therefore are constantly on the defensive. I've had them gather around my car and take my liscenc plate down because I was playing music with God references. They can indeed be militant.

I agree, but if I may experience with speaking with athiests are...they are a little irrational...judgemental...and hmmm arguementative?? only one athiest I know will speak to me with a respect of my beliefs. I wonder what it is????.....possibly fear??

I think you'll probably find that atheists don't initiate conversations about religion because they know that, christians especially, will feel the need to lecture to them about their faith and try to convert them. Atheists I have known do not try to convert others but, when challenged, will probably point out inconsistancies in the Bible and quote it to point out the atrosities done in the name of religion which the Christian either isn't aware of or otherwise chooses to discount. Notice that I am being respectful of your beliefs and all people of all religions beliefs, including atheists. Believe me when I tell you that the reason atheists don't speak to you re.your beliefs, it isn't because of fear.

Thank you. I should stay the heck out of politics though!!!!

OH! good for you :). Congratulations...A baby is just the most amazing event. I can still see my babies in my minds eye----three out of four are grandparents youngest son just got married for the first time--on the first of March...He's in his 30's -- It makes me so happy to see my kids and grandkids find the loves of their lives. My older children and their spouses are about your age are a nice young man--I enjoy your posts so much...

We had a natural childbirth with my daughter, that was spiritual for sure.

Oh Yes--Thank you for sharing that spiritual moment.....Those meetings put everything into perspective.

I was sitting in North Park Blocks in Portland, Or. when this gentleman came up and started playing the most beautiful guitar music. It was the kind of music that made you transcend everything. He finished playing and said, "enjoy your stay on the planet earth," and left. That was a very spiritual moment for me.

Hahaha Shadow of Doubt....My youngest daughter would argue with you about calling us all "WHACKOS".. She would insist that we are all '' WHACKADOODLES''! ROTFL. "A rose by any other name is still a rose."

The wonderful thing about meeting with people of Faith--I'm not talking about "Believers" All of us are free to choose to "believe" anything...people of Faith can meet in peace and joy--and they can be of entirely different beliefs...One of my favorite memories is meeting some Native American medicine women--they were on their way to a big gathering of the tribes--somewhere in the East. What attracted them to me, was my dog. Without discussing it, we all "believed" the same thing about that dog...we might have put it in different words--but the basic PERCEPTION of what that dog represented was something we all shared..Totems and power ob<x>jects---so many things all humans have in common. We just express our concepts in different ways.

LOL, funny to watch indeed! especially when you consider the fact that NO ONE is RIGHT...<br />
alas, doesn't stop the arguments from taking place, a bunch of whackos all of us!!!

Well, you could be agnostic. Do you ever find yourself in arguments?

I had that happen to me. They talked about me my mom and family and blocked m,e. I'd never even met them before.

Yeah,blocking takes all the fun out of everything. Especially when they get the last word in and it's a slam.

And it could over a long period of time get to the point that whenever a Christian is silenced one might think he is doing God a service. It's sad in a funny way. Think about it, we have three holy sites in one city that holds three separate books to be the word of God, and that's where the vultures are gathering.

Shame on you Puck LOL! I'm such a hypocrite....I also find the ex<x>pressions of Athiest and Believers both to be hilarious at times.. Sometimes they are so silly, you wonder if they aren't just carrying on that way, for fun...Like Pat Robertson's silly statement about the Haitian slaves 200 years ago, making a pact with the devil to gain their freedom.. Wicked creatures wanting to escape the cruel bondage of the God worshiping slave owners.... It had to be the devil who helped them.. Surely God wasn't going to. That is just one example of the moronic and stupid things that so called, "God fearing Christians" babble on about. It is amusing to sit back and be entertained. Burning witches, massacres of hoards of indigenous peoples all over the world,,,in fact the modern day terrorists are just God worshiping folks doing their duty for Allah. Personally, I wish I didn't have to identify with the blood thirsty God Worshiping, folks---but as I am a Roman Catholic,,,this shameful history is mine as much as it is the crazed suicide bombers, witch hunters and slave traders. If it would free me from my own culture and heritage...I'd make an effort to be an Athiest...but there's no way I can escape my Faith in the Goodness of God...nor can I divorce myself from the evils of those who profess to be his followers. The bible is full of stories about the horrors of humans --so much of what they did, was because they CHOSE to believe it was God's will....Personally, I think the evils done in His Holy Name are nothing but sheer blasphemy.

I;ve got agnostic friends, I can usually talk to them about it without any friction.