Human Behaviour

It's not always material things, but situations, vulnerability, emotions or behaviour of people. For instance:

- Adolescent behaviour. Most of the time I hate it, but sometimes I really see the humour or the beauty in it.
- I once saw a man in the train who was argueing with a conductor (or what's it called in english). A little later I saw him going to his seat. His head was red, he was frowning and obviously emotional. I could see him thinking the conversation/fight through. I could see he wasn't used to having a discussion like this and that he didn't like it. I LOVED to see how vulnerable and affected he was. I really thought it was so beautiful how human that guy was.
- I was at a funeral once of a person I didn't know at all. Nor did I know many other people very well (don't ask how I got there in the first place). Most of the time I cried along with the others, but I could also watch it from a distance, since I wasn't involved emotionally. In a way all the black and the heads down an the crying was beautiful to me.
- How people follow the mass/need approval

I can see beauty in a lot of things. Sometimes I see it in industrial buildings. Often in the human body. But most of the time it's completely random.
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1 Response Jul 22, 2010

very interesting. i think i can relate to some of that. not exact circumstances of course, but sometimes i think we can find the beauty in most anything. i like running eye liner on a girl i don't know who's been crying in public. As for the kids, i totally know what you mean. For the most part they're little monsters, and i probably don't appreciate it when it's happening around me, but now that i look back at that one time those 5 y/o twins were terrorising the subways i was eating at, it kinda makes me smile =) It was like thing one and thing two out of control!