Standing Outside

i often have to stand outside the bedroom whild my wife has sex with another guy ,it hurts me but it still turns me on ,i beg her not to and she makes me service her with my mouth when he has gone ,a few times i have been called to there bed so i can clean them both ,am i alone in this
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Your question prompted my looking at your profile. You'r into matters I am not. It appears you are also comfortable with being a bisexual. I don't understand your relationship with your wife - in one instant she is into diapers and in another she seems dominate - two quite contrasting behaviors. I'm sorry but I don't think I can help you.

i would like to learn ,tell me more

You are not alone. It hurts you because you are not use to it, but in time you will be. The reason I am so sure is because, as you say "It turns you on.". The sexual arousal will dominate you in the end. What you need to do is push your wife to let her in on her sexual activity. You need to see and hear her *******. In the beginning you will be embarrassed but in time you will be excited at her sexual arousal almost as much as she is. The key to getting to the place you want to be is you have to tell your wife you want her to **** others because it excites you. She needs to know this and when she understands your needs she will be more relaxed, she will want you to be there, she will encourage you. I also think part of your reluctance is to learn that you like the taste of a man's ***. Whether it is from your wife's **** or from her lover's ****. Learning about your bisexuality will take time, but between now and then I would tell you wife, don't ask her, to be more sexually active outside of your marriage. And that you will be participating with her as well.

Thats all good, assuming you Don't get an STD. 20percent of all Americans have been treated for a STD by age 25. Common sense tells you , the more active the greater the odds.