I'm Very Grateful

I live behind the redwood curtain :). I can walk a mile and be in a redwood grove, all by myself, doing what I please. I like to eat redwood sorrel :), very tangy lol.

It smells wonderful there, it's right next to the river...where I swim in the clean water in the summer.

There's banana slugs, squirrels, hawks, and the occasional deer.


Every once in a while while riding the school bus home, there will be a red tail hawk sitting on the stop sign near the off ramp of highway 101. :)


I like to sit next the clear water(murky lately cuz of rain) and relax, read, sometimes smoke some weed.

I bet you know what county I live in, it's famous.


I've explored the mountains, found mountain lion dens. Seen bear tracks and poop.

I watch the quail scurry and chirp. If you listen closely they sound like their saying "EAT TACOOOS EAT TACOOOS" :)


I like to pick the strong minty leaves of the California Laurel, and rub it on my skin. It makes it smell minty, and fend off mosquitoes ;)

Makes for a great breathmint too.


I wipe the sweat from my head with the old man's beard hanging from the trees.


I sit on mossy tree branches over looking an amazing river and forest.


I'm only 16 and try to make the best of where I live. I try not to take for granted the fresh air I breathe, and the sights I see.


I took each and every picture :)

otter3 otter3
18-21, F
Mar 2, 2010