Black with lace. Can't say much about the bottoms though.x

AmericanAngel04 AmericanAngel04
15 Responses Feb 22, 2009


I feel flatered.x

Bless, I'm at a loss for words.x

Bless I will give you a A for effort. Thats an American x

Taking a bath and soaking in the tub and then going to sleep.x

Lmao, I wont be sleeping for at least another hour after I get off my laptop.x

Are you sure your not pissed from the night before since its 9:50 Am on a Sunday morning your time on a Sunday. Or is it just the Nympho in

Whats a girl to do with you? I can see why you shouldn't be left home alone to often. lol x

Dirty minded you x

Bless, what am I to do with you.lmao x

Or it could just be that I just don't like the feeling of knickers. lol

Bless, Victoria Secrets. Baby.x

Well that could be true.x

Its better to leave to let your mind wander abit.x

Bless, You only wish. lol x