Once You Wear Bras, Black, You Never Go Back

Yes, black bras are definitely sexy.  I prefer the full-coverage bras because my 36C silicone falsies fit into them better.  Even though they're not real, squeezing them through the bra feels so erotic.  I bought them on ebay about 5 years ago and have been enjoying them every night.  In photos, they make me look like I have a real pair of breasts - with nipples sticking out to boot! 

The black bra I mentioned I bought online from a college girl who was selling her used undies.  Got a few panties and camisole with it, which I sometimes wear over the bra.  It looks sexy, white with cherries on it, and you can see the black bra underneath. 

When I was pet sitting for friends, I would go into her closet and see what she had in her underwear drawer.  There was a nice satin black bra w/lace trim that I really liked.  It matched the panty I had stolen from her a few years ago.  I did take a black bra from her once, but it wasn't the one I liked.  This one was too tight on me - the other fit just right.  She takes a 36C or a 38C, depending on her hormones.

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1 Response Feb 22, 2009

I work with all women at my job. One of them is really gorgeous, and tonight she was hot so she took off her shirt - just a tank top underneath. I could tell she was wearing a BLACK BRA - saw the straps! YUMMY!