i think i might be able to resist every challenge a cbt therapist issues to my thoughts, is that arrogant to say? :P the last time i succeeded with cbt was when i was 13, for social anxiety, but that was my first experience with therapy and i guess it's easier to influence a child. i had 3 sessions of cbt therapy again when i was 17, intended for social anxiety (even though i wasn't really socially anxious at that stage, just socially withdrawn) and it seemed like the points the cbt therapist made which were meant to provoke an emotional response didn't do so, maybe because the prozac i'd been on since i was 13 (just so i'd go to school) had gradually made me emotionally immune to new ways of thinking. but was he just being too simple by cbt's standards? his first action was to ask me "why do people worry? It's pointless really isn't it?" i just replied with an obvious answer, "if noone worried not much work would get done". it didn't occur to me to derive from that question what his true questions probably were, which i'm still not sure of/have forgotten but which probably are obvious to people who haden't been unnecessarily put on prozac and whose brain's probably developed more normally than mine. i've been diagnosed with schizophrenia in the last year, wrongly i believe. i have never had hallucinations, or delusions, i've just kind of had a hard time communicating my thoughts lately, because of the prozac i believe, so they think my thoughts must be jumbled. another psychiatrist diagnosed me with aspergers because of the communication problems, but i definitly don't have that. i'm hoping to give cbt another try, and if that doesn't work i might try a few sessions of psychoanalysis. it's a lot of effort just for myself, but hopefully the effort will make me be able to learn things, have better scope, have my priorities more sorted out and help me form better relationships, and make me be the person i was supposed to grow into.
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impossible for me anyway.. maybe i haven't gone through enough of it to know though. i know it works great for some people. do you have faith in it?