I haven't always felt this way about cleaning. As a little girl and a teenager, my mom would make me wash the dishes every night. I hated it. I fought her. I bitched and complained. After about 15 years of this, I moved out on my own and it took a whole lot to get me to wash the dishes before they piled up in the sink. Ditto with my room. The only real time I found cleaning to be theraputic was on 9/11. I'd watched the news all day and I felt scared and confused, so I started to clean and I felt much better. But for the most part, I was a slob.

Then, I moved in with a very picky landlord. Everything had to be washed up and put away before I left the kitchen. A couple of years later, I met and started dating my boyfriend who is very messy. He loved it when I would clean, so I got in the habbit of washing his dishes and cleaning his apartment when I came over. We've been together for three years, and now I LOVE cleaning for him. It not only makes his apartment a nicer place to hang out in, but it is calming and theraputic for me. On top of all that, I am showing him how much I love him by cleaning for him. I now make sure to clean my room every week and my car every month. Living in a clean environment makes me feel like I can handle the world better, like I am a responsible adult and like I have love and support for myself.
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Nov 27, 2012