Showing Off My Wife

I have no idea why, but I get soooo turned on watching my wife show off her breasts to other guys... Maybe I've worked out a way to use adrenalin and jealousy as an aphrodisiac. I have no idea. My wife is incredibly busty, and the thought of another man receiving what drives ME nuts, makes me explode.

Anyone else? Any girls that are in similar relationships with their guys? Or am I just a freak. haha!

Just had to vent!
dafunkofamadhatter dafunkofamadhatter
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5 Responses Sep 13, 2012

Freakiness is great!😊
I would love for my husband to do something like that it would turn me on so much to see him get turned on by that!!!!!!!

Ha! Well boy do I have an experience you'll want to hear. ;)

I know i am always trying to get my wife to wear more revealing tops and i to get very turned on when she does.

Does it literally make you explode? ;)

Hahaha! Feels like it! On many levels yes! Hey, why am I replying to your comment when you haven't replied to mine? ;)

Would love to see

No, you're no freak. And you'll find plenty of guys just like you here on EP. I think a majority of guys like showing off their wives and girlfriends. And wives like showing off their husbands.

I suppose it's just not talked about in reality