Long Looks

A friend of my gfs turned up for a coffee. She sat down next to my gf on the lounge and i sat on a seat across from them. ANYWAY.

She lent over to put her coffee on the lil table n her **** would fall forward n hang a lil, she had a loose shirt in with a lil top on under it, no bra.

As her **** hung i could almost see nipple, bugger i didnt. But every time she ashed her smoke or picked up/ put down her cup, her breasts would fall forward n hang. br /> When she would lean back on the lounge her legs would part n her skirt would ride up n her purple undies would show
peeguy24 peeguy24
22-25, M
1 Response Jan 8, 2013

Sounds like she was baiting/teasing you. Glad to hear you enjoyed it.