Wife's Cleavage Is Amazing

My wife is 5'4, 105 lbs, with full C Cup breasts. They are unbelievable. Yes they are fake, but they're not the super plasticy firm kind, but soft and fall naturally.

I love when we go out on dates. She always treats me (and everyone else) to a sumptuous feast of cleavage. She likes to wear necklaces and the like that dangle low. Sometimes when we're at dinner, especially after she's had a couple drinks, she puts her fingertips on her necklace and just strokes them playfully. She knows exactly what she's doing, and it drives me crazy.

God I love having a sexy wife with amazing **** who knows how to dress them up!
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4 Responses Jan 8, 2013

having said that your wifes boobs sound beautiful. Do you show pics?????

love **** but i have to say i have always enjoyed very large soft squishy breasts. Love to *** between them...........

I agree - a woman who is happy with her body and enjoys showing it off is *wonderful* !!!

Thanks to all of you for your posts! Yeah I agree; I mean, I'm a man, so it's not like I find my wife to be the only sexy woman on the planet. But I do find her to be the *most* sexy woman ;)

Too true Fizbin about how great it is to have a woman happy with her body.

While I'm from Virginia.. Missouri has a great saying... "Show me state!"... Bill in Va.