When I see cleavage or any part of a woman's boob peeking out of her clothing I get a female *****. I love looking at the cleavage of women, it is a truly mesmerizingly beautiful.
My love is partly out of lust but also because I really have always thought that cleavage was just really awesome. And they are :D I get to look at my own all the time!
Cutecolleen Cutecolleen
18-21, F
6 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Actually, I would love to see yours too. If you don't mind, of course.

A woman after my own heart!

Wouldn't mind seeing your boobies, if that's okay? I have an e-mail if you wouldn't mind, and it'd be between us, cute one!

Boobies are most certainly one of the great pleasures of life! Big or small, hard or not, I just can't ignore them passing me by! I can sometimes see that it pleases women when I look heir boobies and then I smile.

Nice to know its not just us men who love to ogle sexy cleavage! :)

I think everyone should be able to admire boobs!

i agree too