My Wifes Cleavage

I love when my wife shows cleavage. I don't think that there's anything sexier. I know guys notice it and their imagination runs wild, wishing that they could see more.

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17 Responses Jan 19, 2013

I love women that are proud of their breast.

Great cleavage!
I encourage my wife to display her ample cleavage at every possible occasion,its certainly appreciated.


Super hot wife. She deserves others. Your a good man for supporting that.

OMG !!! That's not cleavage - that's heaven..... oh my.... !!!!


I have something that will fit very nicely in that cleavage. Please add me

Definitely very sexy cleavage, shown well with those outfits!

Very Nice!
Her lip's look Great Too!

that's sexy

Wow, that is a spectacular cleavage! And a beautiful set of lips too!

Oh my !!!! And a mighty nice cleavage it is, too !!!!

I'm a lady and my imagination is running wild.

Man that's nice. Would love to see more of her.

Very nice man! Love cleavage. Hopefully she cucks you soon

Wow - very nice !!!