A Buddhist walks up to a Hot dog vendor and says.
                                                                                                              "Make me one with everything!"
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At first I thought, why would he eat a hotdog? Then I realized, "Oh I see what you did there!" heh heh

") k...*hugzzzz* mountainman.

abeautifultruth: Couldn't have said it better myself. Stepping on Toes?? Not at all. EP is wonderful because we exchange ideas and comments n make new friends in the process. AWelcome...<br />
As for you Marji ((((HUGZZZZ)))) n tell Jim hezz the man LoL

He means, make me one, buddhist like many spiritual people, feel they are one with nature, the earth etcetera...as I feel, Im one with the universe, nature, the earth...its a play on words, or phrase;)I hope I got this right;) I love it! cute joke.I'm new hope this explanation isnt stepping on any toes:) if so sorry.