Chinese Ghost Cities

What on Earth would a country with a massively out of control population be doing with entire modern cities sitting empty? That is a question many in the conspiracy world are asking themselves today when it was discovered that China has been building cities in various uninhabited regions of their country.

Thanks to Google maps, conspiracy theorists like myself are able to look into these spooky places without being seen ourselves and let me tell you, they are eerie. The cities, some the size of New York, have all the modern amenities of the great cities. They have shopping centers, schools, restaurants, skyscrapers, parks and highways. They even have strange airports and landing spots unlike anything we’ve seen before.

But why? China has a billion people, many who have to live in cramped overcrowded homes. Why would China have cities that could house tens of millions of people and not be using them? And an even greater question is why are they putting in all these strange symbols only visible from space. Now, I know I may have lost a lot of you, but let me make this simple for you. These guys have several cities the size of New York sitting empty, they have circular landing pads the size of football fields and odd depictions in their designs that show Earth and the Sun going black. What for? What do they know that we don’t? Well, maybe not much.

If you look at the United States, more so, the Alaskan part of you will find very similar structures. It has recently come to light that the United States installed a 78 million dollar airport and harbor in Alaska that cannot be reached by land. That’s right, no roads lead into these places and no one lives there.

There are several theories that come from these anomalies. They could be bracing for some catechism. Something like that good old flood myth. It could be that they are picking out spots that their scientists deem safe. I mean do you really believe they are going to try and save us all? Hell no, they are going to set up nice little resorts in the safe zones so they not only survive, but don’t lose out on the lives they are living now. But then again, there could be more to it than that even. What if they are preparing for some kind of mass landing by another race? What if we did make contact and want to give these visitors a place of their own? We might just be bringing in refugees from a planet that was destroyed elsewhere.

Or then again, maybe I’m just paranoid and they are setting up these entire communities and want everything in place before they move us commoners in. I mean they’ve done that before---right? Oh, wait, that’s not how we do it. If these were for us, believe me when I tell you we would have been building them ourselves and they wouldn’t be such a secret. But for now, I guess all I can do is sit back and wait until they decide to open up.

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1 Response Dec 6, 2012

Amazing Rick. i shall have to look more into this myself.