Better Than Beer

Got your attention didn't I? Well, when it comes to a weekend relaxation therapy diapers are a great choice. I most enjoy Saturday morning when I have the house to myself. I ditch my underwear in favor of a diaper. Maybe plastic pants, too, just to be safe. Then I might go outside, or maybe to a home store, where I can wander pee and enjoy looking at all the "men toys" in those stores. Then, I come home and simply let it all loose. Pee, poop, maybe sit down and smoosh around, maybe a little peter play, and some more pee. Then, it's time to clean up and well, maybe put on another diaper. Say what you want, but I doubt anyone ever got arrested for DWD (driving while diapered). If you have,, I would love to hear your story.
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May 9, 2012