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This is part of a thread I added in reply to a story about getting diapered in first grade... I thought I'd add it here to start a fresh thread about whether or not kids really feel terrible just because their diapers are wet. Is that really why they cry???
babijonie wrote:
At least with the cloth diapers and plastic pants, the child knew they were wet and most did not want to be wet. Always led to faster potty training!

I replied:
Me, I'm not even sure kids "did not want to be wet", per se... I'm sure most of them, as they got to be older toddlers, realized when they had messed, but the pee thing is so benign, that I think only mom's knew when the kids were wet. I don't think kids really tried to let mom know anything, prior to the start of potty training. I know I have absolutely no memory of anything to do with wetting when I was actually in diapers, but I absolutely remember the trauma of being taken out (at least it felt like trauma... gotta go sit on a potty chair - no pee in your training pants - no poopy pants, etc.). My wife always made a big deal out of this with our kid, but it was all on her. He was raised in disposables, and I am absolutely sure he had zero clue that he was ever wet. Mom's like to think that just because a kid is crying, they must be upset at themselves for wetting their diapers. What a crock! Kids cry because they're uncomfortable because they're alone, not being held, too hot, too cold, etc, but I daresay they probably NEVER cry because they wet their diapers, UNLESS their mom's let them get a rash AND THEN they wet onto their exposed skin. Disposables, on kids, when changed at proper intervals, with a cleansing wipe, will rarely ever result in a diaper rash in a baby, unless the mom's don't wipe their little cracks and crevices and just redress them in a fresh one. Really, I've wanted to make this point out in other forums for a long time, and I think it speaks to why we, as adults, are A-OK with staying in a wet diaper for so long without a change. FOR ME, I usually need to change out of a cloth diaper earlier than a disposable, since the "juice" is all turned into gel or absorbed by the disposable. With cloth diapers, the urine is still there against my skin, and stays there as long as that diaper is on. Overnights and beyond in a wet cloth diaper (for me) will usually give me a very minor little irritation/rash, but if I were a real baby in cloth or disposables, I'd have probably been changed 3 times overnight and once into the morning, maybe a little less for toddlers & bedwetters.

Anyway, I would add that as kids got older (~3 through teenaged) and still wet their beds, this might be a reason for crying and consternation since they'd be not only wet, but cold from wet sheets. I honestly don't think they'd be crying out of the warm wetness of a diaper, as much as the cold wetness of a bed/matress, and perhaps there'd even be a bit of nervous crying because they'd realize mom was going to have to intervene with a dry set of sheets/towels. They could also have been truamatized over previous wetting incidents that got reacted to poorly by uneducated parents, and maybe they realized they were going to have to go through that same thing again...

Anyway, I think we can all attest to the fact that the initial wetting and the continued body warmth of a nice fitting wet diaper is a wonderful sensation to behold on our private parts, and I'm just not sure kids are that much different than us diaper wearing adults in that respect.


So, Im curious where others weigh in on this concept of a baby/kid crying because their diaper is wet...
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I agree with you one hundred percent! Nothing to add to that matter! You have said it all.

Thanks for the comment, ShyGirl...