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Its Been 3 Whole Days.. So Far ;)

So with this whole 3 feet of snow thing going on outside.. I have been able to stay in diapers the entire time so far.. and I am loving every second.. I cant remember the last time I used a toilet :) I am noticing that I am starting to pee without even realizing it.. Am I un-training myself? That would be awesome :) I also splurged and ordered a huge case of classic bambino diapers tonite.. I cannot wait for them to come.. I enjoy them so much more than these cloth like ones from the pharmacy.. While the "adult" in me is very worried about how I am going to get to work with all this weather and what not so I can afford to pay the bills.. The "baby" in me is REALLY loving all this time in my diapers.. <3
MidniteAngel MidniteAngel 31-35, F 8 Responses Feb 9, 2013

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Bambino are the best! I stared buying by the case as well. Nothing else works and feels as nice!!

it will all ways be in the back to have control. But while you are in them you will loose it. Its great when you wake the first time wet. Text me some time hallways down to share experiences. 406-360-6440. I am a do that became Nixon. Then stayed in diapers. I love the cushies best

I untrained myself after about two weeks straight in diapers. It was great.

i get a bad nappy rash some times if i have my diaper on all day

different inner liners will stop that from happening

How enjoyable it would be to be snowed in and diapered 24/7. Changing someones diaper and being changed. In winter I enjoy beind diapered and wearing my Footed PJ. All zippered up, warm, and comfortable.

Hope you had a large supply to make it through the storm. Did you stock up on diapers, plus the essencials like milk and bread, as the weather was approaching? Wonderful not having to worry about going to the potty.

I did actually.. which is funny cause I am usually the one that NEVER stocks up.. but Im still buried under 3 feet of snow and it doesnt look like Im getting out of here anytime soon and Im running out of diapers!! :(

Hey thats cool you had fun in your diapers for that time But I have to say 3 feet of snow is a LOT of snow but not even close to what I have had to deal with in the past lol but hey I am glad you had fun :)

Next time don't wait for it to snow. I wish I was there with you.

Enjoy your time :)