Dirty Pictures

I had been at work for a couple of hours when my mobile phones beeps. its a text message from my Wife showing me a picture of her barefeet in our lounge at home clean soles and freshly painted red nails.
"very tasty" I text back and continue with my work. about an hour later I get another text this time its a picture of her hot red toes playing in the lawn outside our hours.
now im starting to get a little turned on. "off out somewhere?" i text back
a half hour later my mobile beeps again, its a picture of those same hot baretoes in a local shop a few minutes later its followed by another picture from inside the shop this time her soft bare soles which have been turned totally black by the walk to the shop and around the cold hard shop floor
by now I am very turned on and not at all concentrating on work anymore.
I text back a message telling her she has delicious looking feet and I can't wait to get my hands on them later.
I don't get a reply for a while, sometime later my phone beeps again this time its a close up picture of her baretoes, she has found a little patch of mud and the thick mud is oozing between her toes.
by the time work is over I have received several more picture of her barefeet out and about. her filthy soles and hot red toes.
I drive home very turned on, I get within a mile or so of home and my phone beeps again, I have to wait until im parked up to look, its a picture of her bare soles on the arm of the couch in our lounge her soles are quite filthy some of the dirt and mud has worn off as she as been walking around the house but they are still definitely filthy.
as I open the front door my phone goes again. no picture this time just the words "lick them clean"
I hurry in to the lounge to see those gorgeous sexy dirty soles still on the arm of the couch.
I kneel down and start to kiss and lick her soles my tongue is black in no time and my wife is moaning softly on the couch as my tongue works up and down her soles, she loves to feel a tongue between her toes.
I am not sure how long it took me to lick her feet clean, my tongue working up and down every inch of her bare soles, sucking her baretoes listening to her moan as i push my tongue between her toes.
she sits up and inspects her soles, she tells me I have done a pretty good job of cleaning her feet and that I should get a reward. she unbuttons my trousers and pulls out my hard member. within seconds her wet soles and sliding up and down my hard shaft her newly clean toes wriggling against the tip her feer are expert at working me and soon she is happily sitting on the couch massaging the warm cream in to her soft soles!.
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

What a lucky guy you are. I also love to lick my wife's feet clean, and I'm now convincing her to start going barefoot more often in public, just to let her soles became very dirty!

good luck with getting her barefoot more often, would love to see the results.