Rain, Rain, Take Me Away...

Once upon a time, I was with someone with whom I was passionately compatible.  One weekend, we used 26 condoms, and for the only time in my life, I was physically content.

One week night, we left his apartment during a thunderstorm to drive north of town.  I don't know what we had in mind, but we both were looking for a way to take our fervor to the next level.

I was wearing an upper thigh-length, gauzy night shirt.  The kind that becomes transparent and adheres to every curve when moist.

He stopped the car.  We kissed and necked, as the rain drops echoed inside the car.  Our kisses were always soulful and deep.  Finally, I suggested we go outside.

I sat on the hood of the car, and he stood in front of me with his shorts dropped.  The rain continued to steadily pound down, soaking us to the core.  The rain, the thunder, the lightening that illuminated everyhing...the risk of someone driving by and discovering us, erupted in an ****** that haunts me to this day.  My lips still burn for those passion-filled days and nights...

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4 Responses Jun 12, 2007

When it rains like that I always want to go out and get soaking wet. Where's the sense in that?

Interesting....were you expecting somethingj from me? ; - )

Wow, that's beautiful. I can only hope to have something so good.

26 condoms! Darling you have an insatiable sexual appetite, most men must fall short of performance and endurance with you.