Water is falling from the sky in millions of little soft circular forms.  Thinking of nature and the wondrous things that are happening to enable the planets ecology to keep going is amazing and sensual enough.  You also have the smell of the air when it is saturated with moisture.  It intensifies all of the other smells that are already there, but have been too weakened to be noticed.  You can hear all the sounds like an instrumental song made only with percussion. 

I love to sit looking out of a window that doesn't have a screen and watch a downpour at night.  The hubby and I were snuggling in a hotel room in London with the window open and all of the sudden we hear a boom and screams.  They weren't panicked screams, but just surprise.  It was an instant downpour that was like a dam that had broken loose.  We laughed and immediately got up to watch from the window. 

When you hike in the mountains it almost always thunders and rains in the summer afternoons.  You aren't supposed to stay up top and a few people usually die each year from lightning hitting them.  I can't resist.  You are at the top of a mountain and feel the wind and then a few little sprinkles coming down.  You start to lightly jog down the mountain whipping through the smell of wildflowers sprinkled with the moisture.

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1 Response Feb 17, 2009

It is heightening your senses, which in turn makes anyone more Horny. :P Then again, maybe it is just you. We haven't had rain in FOREVER.