Even A Small Brown Spider

You remind me of a brown spider that once crossed my path.

Monstrous vibrations from my step alerted the tiny beast, it sits back on is haunches, fangs at the ready, expecting an attack. I shifted to the left, it feigned indifference. I shuffled to the right, it followed. I snapped a twig and prodded the funny acting arachnid.
My amusement increased, my antaganization maximized, yet it still would not run.
This small brown spider had rather large balls!

I let the fierce creature live, far from a coward, it would fight to the death to survive; I can appreciate that.
BrokenTomBoy BrokenTomBoy
31-35, F
2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

Splendid, really liked

Naww shucks :-) thanks xx

What prose, very humorous and really appreciated the pity you displayed toward the little guy. Now I must ask, is this story fiction??

Glad you liked it :-)
Yepa... No spider was harmed in the making of this story.... That little bugga will always stay in my mind thats for sure. :-D