Umm. . . Yeah. . .

And found that my Friends have great Experience Groups. Very interesting ones. And I add in a heartbeat. (oops)
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3 Responses May 18, 2012

I can relate to this story....:) I too look at my circle friend's profiles and experience groups....and when a group piques my interest I usually click the "me too" button to add it to my own profile.....its a great way to expand your interests and horizons...!!

Oh yess-s! Indeed "a great way to expand your interest and horizons!!" I love that BG **wink**

**Wink** right back at ya girlie....:)

what bout 30+ men with sex on our minds?


I agree with emce, and do the same as you do. I presume that my friends look at my experience groups and stories as well (hopefully they are not too shocked or repulsed by what they find)!

Oh oh oh! Honestly? I'm shocked everytime I see them appear on my screen. Yay! But I click "Join Group" whenever I find an interesting one you've just added. Peace~~