No One Is Ever Good Enough!

This story is not about me, it is about a close relative of mine.

My "Uncle Rico" is one of the best men I know. He has always been a great friend, and a mentor to me. He is really more like a brother than just an uncle.

He is athletic, handsome, smart, and funny. He makes good money and he has a successful career. He has his own house. He dresses well and drives a new BMW. He is getting older but he still looks young and he is in great shape.

He has never been married and he does not have any kids. Women are always trying to get close to him but... None of them ever last for very long.  You see, eventually he finds something wrong with each and everyone of them. He lets this "perceived flaw" irritate him to the point that he can not handle being around the women any longer, then he calls it off.

He is not arrogant, nor does he believe that he himself is perfect. It's like he just finds an excuse to get away. Some of these ladies were in fact, *!$#? good women. Many of them have been hurt when he finally does turn them loose. They never understand what happened, he doesn't tell them about the reason because he doesn't want to hurt their feelings.

We have been teasing him for years, that he must be gay. No one believes it though. He has said himself that if he were, he wouldn't be ashamed to admit it. Today, as in many other days, he was complaining about never finding "the one". He believes he is destined to be alone forever but how can any women live up to his unrealistic standards?

He complained because one girl had a small mole on her cheek, another had ugly feet and he said he couldn't stand to look at them. One women was nice but she had a kid and he didn't want to raise some other guys kids. He said one nice women he dated had a long torso and short legs, so that when she sat down she was taller than him. Today, he told me that he wouldn't take this one women out because she had a turkey neck!

His mother is sad because she is afraid that she will never have any grandchildren. I think he is being completely ridiculous! What can be done for a man like this?

Anyhow, since this is a story about relationships, I thought I would post it here on Valentines Day! I hope you all are feeling loved! That is, if you are not going out with my uncle Rico.


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1 Response Feb 14, 2009

it sounds like he is afraid of commitments<br />
<br />
when you love someone truly and deeply there flaws become endearing to you and you would not want them to change