Domme Tickle ***** Gets Her Man (and Woman)

You don't want to mess with the Tickle *****. She can make things quite uncomfortable for you.

I know of at least two people who have experienced her unique way of dealing with boys and girls who think tickling is just for fun.

It is fun . . . for her.

Imagine, as a girl, you're tied up, naked and suspended with your arms straight up over your head and your feet about a foot off the ground. Your ankles are also secured so you can't kick out.

There's not much you can do except accept the torment from the Tickle *****, who shows you a feather and then starts under your arms and works her way down every inch of exposed flesh.

Oh sure, you start laughing almost immediately and it seems fun. Then, as she works her way down the sensitive flesh of the naked girl, it becomes more of a torment. By the time she reaches the soles of the bare feet, the girl is sucking for air, screaming and sweating and convulsing.

Tickle ***** takes this all in and smiles. She's caused all this and it's thrilling.

Imagine, as a boy, you are spread eagled on top of a bed, your arms and feet stretched out to the limit and locked to bedposts. You're naked, of course, and your penis has already hardened just from the anticipation.

She teases you with the feather, running it across your nose, up into your nostrils until you can't help but sneeze.

Then she starts to work from your armpits, down your side, across your chest and stomach. You begin to ache with all the laughter.

She stops momentarily and then starts back up at your toes, your soles and works back up your legs. Every touch of the feather brings feelings of lust and laughter. You are consumed by it all.

Finally, she has reached your erect, leaking penis and starts to calmly work the feather up and down, up and down, until you can no longer take it and feel on the edge of release.

But that's when she stops. She stands up, places the feather near your belly button, smiles at you and simply walks away.
rickie53 rickie53
46-50, M
Nov 14, 2012