I Also Find It Exciting

I think that my liking of female desperation is caused by an event of my childhood.

Therefore I must explain that I am an adopted child and that my parrents are more than 35 years older than I am. Furthermore my parents are very old fashioned. So I never see them naked or things like that!

As I was 8 or 9, I played with a girlfriend in our little aple plantation, as she had to pee. The way to the toilet was to long and so she do it the plantage, as she whished i had to stand behind an aple-tree should take my eyes away, nevertheless I took a look as she peed. This was the first time I that I have seen a girl desperate, peeing and nacked! So I think thats the fact while I'm so fond if females desperation and peeing!

I realy like it if they jumping from one feet to another and all other circumstances of their desperation.

Some of my following thinkings and dreams come true in my life, but not all and I wanna have some of them become real again.

I not only wanna see them pee naked and pee in the normal female like half-sitting way.
No, I wanna see them pee if they are standing and in other positions, with and without clothes, see them pee trough there slips and also wanna touch them if they are doing it. Furthermore I wanna touch a diaper stile pant (Tena Pants are one of my favorites) when a girl pees into it and wanna feel the hot beam of there pee as it goes in. I wanna see and touch them if they pee trough a one-piece swimsuit (ditto I like females in swimsuits), see them peeing into a tight and transparent rubber pant, see it as it washed round there hot lips (you know which lips I mean) and as they pee into and through other tight clothes. I also wann fell there warm beam of pee when i have sex or see it coming out of there peehole.

I get very excited when I only think about it. It's so beautifull to see and feel a women peeing or to see that they have problems in holding there pee!

I think that this sounds a little bit perverted, but it's what i like!

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sorry no wonder you never got anwers thats weird deos this girl know you watched .YUK