A Short Tube Journey

I am turned on hugely...both by seeing desperate people...but also by being desperate myself....this story is about witnessing a poor woman trying hard not to pee her jeans in front of strangers.

I was traveling on the London underground some time ago on a train that was about half full..no one was standing and everyone was either chatting with friends or minding their own business.  I was alone..and had nothing to read...so was people watching surreptitiously.

I noticed a woman in her mid thirties, firstly because she was wearing such tight tight jeans...and my immediate thought was..how uncomfortable they must have been,,,so when she started squeezing her crossed legs together I noticed immediately.              As an enthusiast of such things my radar picked up on the small signs of a strong need to pee...long before anyone else did.... and...naturally I was then totally transfixed...and I wondered how far she was traveling.

Every time she looked around to check no one was staring at her...I quickly looked away....but my eyes were drawn back the moment I felt it safe to do so.

She was very gently and rhythmically tightening her thigh muscles... and her slim legs were crossed so tightly its a wonder she didn't have cramp.  As for myself..of course I was aroused and getting distinctly damp between my legs...... I had to fight an urge to plunge my hand between my legs and start ************... I was that turned on.

The woman's jaw was working with the effort to gain control of herself and I recognized the signs that she would not be staying in that predicament for much longer..I imagined she would make a last minute dart out the door at the next station.

I prayed for the train to stop for an hour in a tunnel...as sometimes happens...but my luck wasn't in that day!

Sure enough...at the next stop..just as the doors were about to shut she made an inelegant rush for the door....followed...you might have guessed...by me..... breathing hard with the need for an ******.

She made straight away for an empty bench to regain her composure...perching on the edge and rocking...her hand between her legs by now.  I saw her fingers working her ****...this must have happened to her before..and she knew that if a lot of women are turned on...they often find it harder to pee...and the urgency abates somewhat....Again...no one around seemed to be aware of the little drama unfolding.

After a couple of minutes she darted for the stairs...stopping several times on the way up to cross her legs ...press frantically between her legs and wait for the wave of desperation to pass. I wondered if she could possibly make all the escalators and tunnels she would have to go through to get to a toilet at this station.

I think she was probably thinking the same..and I saw her eying up dark corners...then spotting CCTV cameras pointing at them. I felt very sorry for the woman's desperation...but I had problems of my own..I was almost unable, at this point, to refrain from some ***** rubbing...every nerve in my body seemed to be ending at my ****...and it was screaming to be touched.

I had a sneaky look around.... pushed my handbag to my front..and tried a couple of sneaky strokes..... what a relief..and WHAT a turn on.But now..I needed to ***...and I wasn't about to do that in a crowded tunnel...I carried on following the struggling woman..now making no attempt to hide her discomfiture....walking with crossed legs...hands deep between her thighs......other people were staring at her...some even asked if she was OK.....she struggled on......the toilet sign was visible...and the toilets were soon after..I admired the fact she had made it this far...and was amazed I had managed not to *** faced with such an erotic situation.

She raced towards the door of the toilet...I willed it to be locked...but she dashed in...and straight into a cubicle....I went into the adjoining one...... straight away hitching up my skirt and letting rip on my swollen **** and sodden *****........ I heard her struggling and cursing with her belt and zip....I should imagine jeans that tight take some struggling out of..... then I heard her swear under her breath...and a pool of **** started to leak under the wall of the cubicles....I came..... hard and strong...with each pulse of my ****** I imagined the pee soaking into her mega tight jeans...the stain growing ... and growing ...working out from her crotch..slowly.... then down her legs..and finally...onto the floor.

I so wanted to stand on the seat and see for myself the state her jeans were in........I kept on ******* in great relieved waves of release

my mind playing back images of her walking cross legged...massaging her ****...pee dancing on the stairs......mmm how erotic...what a total turn on. The more I recalled..the more I came..more and more waves...I think I must have *** three times in all..the build up had been so long and intense.

I came out of the cubicle and waited around the sinks washing my hands...for her to emerge...but...what a disappointment...when she came out she had a fresh skirt on..it must have been in her small rucksack......

But I knew what was in there now........and she walked off with them...her soaked jeans....I walked off with a still pulsating ***** and some lovely memories of a simple tube ride!

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3 Responses Feb 20, 2009

Wow you lucky thing!

this story is so hot! such a turn on ;)

What a fabulous story. What luck to be able to see all the actions slowly unfold. I also have this ability to spot people bursting to go before anyone else notices perhaps it's because we look out for it. People who are not turned on would not be looking out for it.