It Began So Innocently.

Summer, 1981, Philadelphia, JFK Stadium, before the paranoia set in...

She was there in line, obviously in distress. JFK was built in the 1920's and had only a few 'little girls rooms". A few moments of eye contact, a silly giggle, a look around and then a blank stare up to the roof, and then it began... She completely wet herself, while in line to go.; the girls behind her empathized, but ignored it, and she went off, back to her seat.

A few hours later, one who had too many 'Ludes (remember them) or maybe just too much Southern Comfort, was sitting against the wall, watching her puddle grow.

I overheard another tell her boyfriend that she couldn't wait, and they headed off to the men's rooms...

So it began. and I still find it arousing...

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and still?