Neji X Tenten Omorashi 1

Neji X Tenten Omorashi 1 – The First Date by KarDWeng

"Tenten, are… you free for a breakfast tomorrow?" Neji Hyuga, the Jonin of Hyuga Clan in Konoha, stared and asked his charming female teammate for a date. Despite being a serious, cold and stoic person, he actually had been having a crush on the only kunoichi from his team for a long time.

Tenten the weapon specialist stood there, stunned by this sudden, unexpected invitation from the guy she had always loved since they first met. Though Neji looked too serious for her to tell him her feelings and devotion to him. "My god it's gonna be our first date tomorrow" Tenten told herself as her face turned into a brilliant red. The stars above shined and lightened the appearance of the new couple of Konoha.

What happened this night was too amazing for Tenten to believe. She delightedly lied on her bed unable to sleep, constantly raising her body up, drinking a long glass of fresh milk as she was daydreaming about her time with Neji tomorrow.

The morning she had longed for finally reached, Tenten was too busy imagining last night and so she didn't sleep well. As she woke and glanced at the very cute alarm clock Guy Sensei gave her, always reminding Team Guy that being a ninja we should wake up in time, she was shocked. Neji told her to come at 9 and it was less than 10 minutes more to 9o'clock! She regretted from being careless and too happy to remember of having her alarm set.

She quickly changed into her adorable china-style ninja outfit, rushed to the basin and cleaned herself up, ignored, or probably forgot and didn't have the time to care for anything, including visiting the toilet to settle her morning pee of course. She wasn't aware of the milk she drank last night which turned into urine in her bladder at all.

"Hell, I'm gonna be late!" Tenten dashed out from window and bounced from buildings to buildings hastily, she even forgot about equipping her weapon scroll. Since it was their first date Tenten certainly wanted to give Neji a good impression. Moreover, she cares a lot about how Neji thinks of her and she had already always being overly dependent on other people during missions or battles. At first she planned to reach there before Neji does but now she only concerned about not to be late.

Eventually Tenten reached the famous Ichiraku Ramen Bar, Naruto and Iruka's favorite place to eat. Neji was already there leaning against the side of the bar, the bright morning sun formed a shadow of him on the ground as he did a chilling smile seeing Tenten's arrival.

"Sorry Neji, I'm late," Tenten didn't actually need to apologize, how would Neji blamed his pretty girlfriend for being few minutes late?

Neji felt an unexplainable contentment when he saw Tenten, but he wasn't good at expressing himself, "we are not on a mission today so, doesn't matter."

"Let me take you to a special place," Neji was carrying a fully packed large bag. Tenten looked confused and asked, "didn't you say we're gonna eat Ichiraku Ramen?"

"Well I've changed my mind, I want to make our very first time unforgettable," Neji explained and held Tenten's hand like the romance movie he watched last midnight, since he actually wasn't sure what should he act like in a date.

Soon they went out from the gate of their beloved village Konoha, and Tenten followed Neji into a silent forest. As their heading towards their destination, Tenten could feel her bladder requesting for a relief.

"Now, here we are Tenten," Tenten slowly widen her attractive feminine eyes as it was too glaring under the bright sunlight.

"Wow Neji, how did you find this place? It's wonderful!" Tenten literally felt like flying, amazed by the enchanting scene of the waterfall.

As they approached nearer to the waterfall, Neji sat down and opened his bag steadily. He took a maroon mat, some egg sandwiches and a jar with fresh orange juice out from there and started to set everything up.

As Tenten squatted down and tried to help Neji, she felt a stronger pressure rushing from her bladder, she quickly closed her thighs inside her maroon pants firmly. Now that she noticed that she hadn't pee for hours since last night, and she was pretty sure that she couldn't hold it for much longer. She observed around unhurriedly, hoping that her boyfriend couldn't find out about her searching, for the very needed ladies' room.

Unfortunately for Tenten, she couldn't see any toilets around as she expected, since they were inside a quiet forest. "Tenten are you alright, you look so anxious," Neji was aware of Tenten's expression, as he is a very determined ninja even without activating his Byakugan.

Tenten should have told her lover about her personal problem now, nevertheless… "Uh nothing, I guess I'm just too nervous, hehe."

Since it was their first date, Tenten want to be dignified in front of Neji. Furthermore, Tenten thought that someone serious as Neji would probably think that needing to go toilet is unnecessary or rather an immature act. Most importantly, Tenten was too shy to tell Neji she needed the toilet so much and she wasn't sure if there was any here so she must waste their important dating time searching for it.

Tenten bit her lips, clenched her fist as her desperation grew stronger and stronger moments by moments, trying every unsuspicious movements to hold the pee inside her exhausting bladder. She was fighting so hard with her bladder for the sake of her pride and glory in front of Neji.
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I love watching anime too!!! Have you seen Death note if not I highly recommend it!