Neji X Tenten Omorashi 2

Neji X Tenten Omorashi 2 – Tenten's Embarrassment by KarDWeng

"Tenten, don't you think this is romantic?" Neji was amused and the normally speechless genius of Hyuga clan turned slightly noisier. He blissfully asked Tenten questions again and again like he usually doesn't, like Tenten always wanted to hear. However, Tenten was too desperate to be concentrated on the conversation. She continuously replied only "yea" or "hmm" as if Neji's lovely questions were major annoyance to her, fortunately the Hyuga didn't really mind.

20 minutes unconsciously passed by, unconditionally forming an abnormal atmosphere as Neji was talking more than Tenten did. Tenten was secretly beating her sitting knees with her fists, squirmed around on the mat with the same color as her pants. In due course, her urge to pee had reached an intense state, reached a point where she couldn't resist the massive urine any longer.

Tenten felt like she had a huge rock stuck up inside her swollen bladder, desired for a leak more than anything else. She suddenly felt like being the main character in an epic Omorashi story, fearing that she would uncontrollably crack at any moment, wetting all over herself and the mat before the eyes of Neji. On top of that, the annoyingly blaring hissing sound of the water fall was driving Tenten's condition from bad to worse.

"I really hope we can be here forever," Neji wrong believed that Tenten thought he was too boring so she got internally irritated and tried to say about something else interesting, but he totally got the wrong idea. Without being alerted to Neji's words, Tenten abruptly leaned her body forward and held tightly to her pelvis. Few drops of urine squeezed and spurted out from her vagina, forming a wet, darker patch on her pink cotton panties. She felt like she was gonna pee herself completely and luckily regained control after all those efforts.

"Tenten are you sure you're alright?" Neji seemed to figure out the embarrassing nuisance that was bothering her all along. Tenten was more than a hundred percent sure that she would lose control any moment if she couldn't find any toilet around, cursing the very dreary fact that there should be none of them around and she mustn't show her bearing on her desperation with Neji here.

"Neji I…I need to take a walk around the forest," Tenten stood up all of sudden and crossed her legs immediately, couldn't stop moving her body for even a second. At that time, it was no doubt that her shameful bladder desperation was noticeable and apparent.

"You don't need to walk, you need to pee," Neji steadily rose his body up and gave Tenten an innocuous, caring stare, though the way he talked was kinda mean.

"No, I…I…" Tenten blushed, still wanting to defend her dignity as a kunoichi that admire and idolize the great female of the Sannin Tsunade, despite being unable to hold her liquid any longer. However, she couldn't speak clearly or express the sentences in her mind properly due to her enormous urge to pee.

"Byakugan!" Neji's pupils became more distinct and veins near his temple bulged, as he saw the extremely, unbelievably full bladder of Tenten and was surprised. And of course the very small wet patch on her panties, caused by the leaking of urine.

"Neji… you're so… bad," Neji's act seriously exasperated Tenten but she couldn't shout her feelings out, she couldn't help speaking like Hinata.

"Ah sorry Tenten, that wasn't really what I mean to do," Neji turned his head around slowly like a scanner, "there it is, 3o'clock and half a mile away from us."

Tenten crossed and grabbed her thighs hardly, charging towards where Neji said, hoping that she could reach the toilet in time. She felt like using all her strength to jump swiftly like a ninja does, but she has to focus on her bladder's muscle.

"Stop there you two!"

Suddenly, two ninja's with their face covered appeared, just like those dumbass minor bad guys you normally see in Naruto's series.

"Handover all your money you Konoha ninjas," one of those two ninja shouted delightfully, totally underestimating them, especially the Taijutsu expert Neji Hyuga.

"It's them, the forest thieves we failed to capture at the C… I mean D-ranked mission last time! Now it's our chance Tenten!" Hmm, did Neji actually forget about Tenten's overwhelming dilemma? He's a too serious and insensible after all.

Nevertheless, Tenten no longer has the intention, or the ability to fight, even with those rookie ninjas. Her bladder was feeling like an over-filled water balloon, if somebody were to bump to her, she would explode, sending cascades of urine to everyone and everything. Too bad on top of that, she forgot to bring her weapon scroll. If she did she would be able to fire some gigantic shurikens or kunais, defeating the thieves in a long range with simple effort.

Apparently, Tenten was out of her mind with desperation, unable to think rationally or logically. She eventually ignored the dumbasses and skipped over them with her tensely crossed legs, her confidence shattered due to their appearance, but she wasn't giving up yet. All she desired was to remove her pants, squad down and let everything out, though she wasn't sure how far the toilet was, or was she charging through the right direction. The weapon mistress kept running by her intuition, bet everything on her luck as she squeezed firmly on her vagina while doing so.

"Stop there right now you little brat!" 1 of the loser-liked thief shouted as he was slowly approaching Tenten. Obviously Tenten's running speed had greatly reduced due to her terribly overflowing bladder.

Fortunately, Neji Hyuga the ultimate Byakugan genius was here to save the day! He knocked the other one out, who was nearer to him. Neji managed to beat him up with mere Jūken, since the thief was, after all, a dummy ninja. Finish him off with Kaiten or Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four palms would be a humiliation to the almighty Hyuga skills.

The other bad guy however, threw a kunai to the rushing-to-the-bathroom weapon mistress. At that time Tenten was pressing her crotch with both of her hands with an incredibly immense effort, stopping her bladder from dribbling with all the willpower she had.

As Tenten was squeezing her muscles, focusing all the strength around her bladder, she was aware of the kunai shooting forward to her back, at a tremendously high speed. What surprised her was, a half-burning exploding tag was attached with the kunai!

Despite of being at the verge of wetting all over herself and in front of her beloved Neji Hyuga, Tenten was certain that if she happened to die she would not be able to become a great Kunoichi just like The Overlarge-breasts Fifth she admired. In fact, she had no choice but to risk terribly strained bladder again.

"Ah!" Tenten groaned with agony as she jumped over the left side and fell on the ground with her knees. The bomb kunai abruptly hit the tree which was in front of Tenten, it brings out an explosion that caused unwanted, huge vibration. Poor little Tenten who was kneeling right beside the blast trembled with sorrowful tears, feeling irritatingly helpless as warm spurts of fresh urine started to squirt out from her vagina.


Neji then beat the thief up in a couple of seconds and immediately headed towards where Tenten was. At the same time Tenten tried her best to stop her pee from flowing out, but it was hopeless. No matter how hard she closed her thighs against each other, it was impossible to stop the long-held **** from bursting out, from drenching her slightly soaked pink cotton panties.

Neji wasn't aware of the unluckiest thing was happening to Tenten but he was worried, since Tenten barely dodged that explosion. Tenten's panties was unable to absorb the massive urine coming out anymore as it overflowed out, wetting her maroon pants and giving her crotch and her thighs a warm, wet sensation.

"Tenten are you okay?" Neji kneeled down as he tried to help Tenten from standing up by supporting her with his arms.

Tenten felt awfully embarrassing as she was still losing control, wetting herself like a little girl in front of her boyfriend. She couldn't stand the horrible humiliation and frustration, as despairing tears rolled out from her beautiful eyes.

The pee soon streamed down all over the ground and formed a lovely urine-pool around Tenten. She was completely sure that her precious lover had already noticed what was happening. Hence, she was too shameful to look at Neji and kept staring on the ground, on her own pee-puddle as her face turned to a brilliant red from pale.

"I'm sorry about this, Tenten," Neji wasn't quite sure about what to say after witnessing the most embarrassing moment of her girlfriend. Tenten remained quiet and again, a tense atmosphere was formed. He could hear Tenten whining and sobbing soundlessly.

After a few moments of hesitation, Neji closed his large, shiny white eyes and gave Tenten a delicious, electrical kiss on her blushing face. Tenten was surprised, not by the sudden kissing, but by the unexplainable amusement she was feeling. She no longer felt embarrassing about peeing herself, and realized that how much Neji cared about her. Steadily, she shifted the angle she was gazing to the front of Neji's face.

Neji whipped her tears away with his masculine hands and hugged her tightly. Tenten could feel the warmth of Neji's body, and the love within his heart.

It was a nostalgic, unforgettable date and desperation experience for Tenten. Even though she didn't make it to the toilet at last, even though she peed herself in front of Neji, she realized that how deep their love to each other is. And she learned that nothing is shameful about Neji knowing her wetting herself because they are closed to each other.

Well also, of course, Tenten learned the lesson of not to delay and endure her need to pee for the sake of her dignity. After all, nothing is more awful than wetting herself!
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