I Had To Pee...


So a few months ago I was out with some of my girlfriends at a club.  We were all really drunk and all my friends had hooked up with boys. I went to go and find a boy for me. Soon I had a lad dancing with me. About half an hour later, it struck me how bad I had to pee. I told him I had to pee, and he told me to dance a bit longer. I was desperate and was doing everything I could to stop myslef peeing. After a few minutes I was sure I was going to pee myself. I told him again and he said ok but be quick. I was holding myself and people were giving me funny looks.

                           When I got to the loo I realised what a long queue there was. I asked the person in front why the queue was so long. Apparently only one toilet was open. I decided to go back to my boy. He asked if I wanted a beer. I was literally about to **** myself. He got himself a beer. I sat on his knee. I could feel his **** hardening. My hand was jammed in my pee hole. I started to pee slowly. He could feel my pee. I was trying to stop it, but it just wouldn't stop. He told me to let it all out. He asked if I wanted to go back to his house. We walked home and I wet myself again. What happened after that was magical...

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2 Responses Mar 16, 2010

The guy is probably the luckiest guy ever... Girl that needs to pee and wets herself, can anyone imagine anything sexier?

Nice. Very nice. Stop on by and sit in my lap, or on my knee, or....well...you can guess ;-)