Brotherhoods Exposed

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Many people have written into Bloid News asking where these hidden or secret societies started and how they have splintered, so we went in undercover to give you the scoop. To be completely honest and without trying to puff out our chests, there were certainly times our lives felt like they were in danger or in at least implied danger. Here is what we found.

In the beginning there was a group calling themselves the Brotherhood of the Snake. Now that might sound dark and maybe even a Satanistic cult, but the truth is very different. The Brotherhood got its beginnings with the belief or possibly inside information about the origins of man. According to their lore, The snake in Eden was not Satan at all, but an alien by the name of EA. When this reptilian race helped us evolve they wanted to keep it hidden. EA had other ideas and wished us to know the truth. He started the Brotherhood of the Snake and once his leaders found out he leaked information, he was cast out. Thus the story of the snake in Eden that threw us out of paradise.
From there, the leaders knew the information was out there, so their only choice was to infiltrate the Brotherhood and establish off-shoot of the society to bring out false knowledge and spread further rumors thus invalidating the Brotherhood. What we found out is the following groups are off springs and today think they are the holders of our true origins.

1. ‚ÄčThe Freemasons were established in 1717 has 33 degrees of membership to keep the so called knowledge confined to just a few.

2. Skull and Bones was estalished in 1947 originally known as the Brotherhood of Death established in 1832. It's current resident is Yale University where members meet every Thursday adn they truly believe they control the power structures of Government including the CIA.

3. Rosicrucians were established in 1459 although member claim they are much older. Holding tight to Lutheranism they condemn the Catholic Church. One member told us their origins are with the Brotherhood of Alchemists.

4. Opus Dei came about in 1928 Spain, stictly religious in their structure, members tell Bloid News that they are not hidden at all and infact forbid memberships in secret societies.

5. Priory of Sion began its history in 1099 and include members of Isacc Newton and Da Vinci. They believe some Royal families are directly related to Christ. They wish to unite a Holy European Empire and usher in a New World Order of Peace.

6. The Bilderber Group are highly influential people from across the globe that meet every year adn began in 1954. Strictly by invitation the agendas of this group vary and are usually monetarily motivated.

7. The Illuminati was founded in 1776 and show us their might and symbol on the American Dollar, the overlooking eye on the pyramid. Although we could not find a member willing to talk we were informed they wish to establish a one world Government based on humanist and atheist principles.

8. Knights Templar is a religious military group formed in the 12th century with a requirment of being a Christian Master Mason to join.

As the Editions roll out, I will move deeper and deeper into each society and give you full insight to these a a few more ruling elites. I will give their agenda, member lists, origins and what they really know about the true origins.
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May 14, 2012