God What And Who Is God

God is Everything or God is Nothing
It all started with God their was nothing and everything was their.
Bang----------Clouds of gas vast clouds of gas and this was now also God.
The gas formed into huge Suns the size of which has not been seen again.
These Suns went Super massive Nova and made heavy elements and out of this came smaller and different types of suns . One of these Suns We now call the Central Sun Which is the Colossal Super Massive Black Hole at the center of all that is (The God Head) others became the centers of the first Galaxies. and so on and so forth.
Everything is God.

Buddha said I have always been Buddha doing Buddha and nothing else excises. The word Buddha means Enlighten one. God

Jesus said Oh Cosmic Birther. (direct Translation) Now I ask you what does not grow up to be the same type of creature as the Birther .

So to judge something is to judge God.
Discernment is better then Judgement and is only deciding what I want to become. For we all become what we hang with.

Jesus, Buddha, Me and you we are all the same..
Dark matter and Dark Energy fill the space in-between all mater we are one.
Science Provers God more and more.

Science (some of them for they can not all agree on most things LOL) has shown the we think our thoughts out in to universe at 666mhz (what a number)
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And Positive and Negatives are equal, is it not?
It is the illusion of man that thinks that Positive should always win.

Or they equal I do not know But I do know that most are unwilling to change until it gets Negative to the max so maybe that is the more positive:-)
All is illusion for if we are truly just energy then what would this have anything to do with that maybe just here learning to Live and let live be at peace with all things just as they are at any time does not mean to not speak you truth. But not have to fight it or judge it but do use discernment:-)

You now sound almost like a pantheist. good

NO I believe God is everything was here before the big bang and will be here after and We are a part and every piece of matter is a part of God:-)


would he be the archetypal "God the Father"?

No God the everything. So Hi God LackofabetterName. We are all the same but different. It takes 144 thousand of us souls (and each soul has a twine flame) to understand all of reality:-)

A combination of deism and pantheism? Perhaps...

Twinflame? That's a first, can you explain how did you come up with that conclusion?

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Just kidding.

Omg! I have whorped the minds of all life forms for millions of light years!

And how is that:-) LOL what is the center that you could do that:-)


Thanks it just what I found seeking truth:-)

yes,knowing the truth will set us all free.

So true:-)