What is God.It can said that it is like the sunshine waiting eternally at your doors.
Unless one opens the door, the sunshine would not come in as it is not aggressive.It doesn't even knock or say I am here.It is silent.
     Only in trust can one open and bask in its sunshine,then one knows what is grace and its blessing are.Until then talking about God wont help,Only experiencing helps but one can't say it or one could say it by the way of love.
sinathamby sinathamby
51-55, M
3 Responses Dec 14, 2012

as far I know, no one have seen god,no one heard him, no one touched him.
How can any one believe that there is god/ People asking him to do some thing nothing has been done. Why people believe in what is not there.

My door is flung wide

Then it will happen,just patients is needed.

Yes every positive experience we become aware of in life is brought to us by God's love! Amen brother :)

Thank you ma'am.