Hair Today.....gone Tomorrow

Ugh....!!! Enough said....? Yes indeed i definitely do not like me a hairy woman.... Men are OK... woman..NO.....!!!! I personally have an issue must keep the legs shaved at all times the "area" cleaned up as well and armpits well that should just be a give in...... Clean shaven...!!  I remember one time i saw my mom naked and WOW..!! i never knew so much hair could then i saw old p0rn.. And that my friend that is just wrong..... you cant tell where one "area" begins and the other one ends...... If you pulled on one of those hairs just how long would it be...?  I get the I'm all natural but.. come on... we all need minimal maintenance... Get it..? Got it...? Good..!!!!

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I won't date a woman that looks like a prepubescent child. Hair is the body initiating into adulthood and even thinking about dating a girl with nothing down there is nasty. I would feel like a child molester

When I was young and shallow I dumped a lovely women because she was to hairy. I just could not handle all the hair in the "area". I asked a friend for advice on how to handle the hair issue. Her advice was to dump the women start dating her because she was hairless (before hairless was in). Oh how shallow I was during the 80s. I am now married to a women who wonderful and has the just the right amount of hair

I agree with Silver about all the mental images your post got swirling around in my head. Although most of them turned my stomach a little bit. I agree, some shaving is a must! No one should look like Cousin It! And if 'god' meant you to stay unshaved, he wouldn't have created razors. Sorry, that was a bit off topic. I know I'm probably preaching to the choir here. <br />
<br />
It is strange though what arguments people come up with against shaving. I really don't get it. Seems like the less hair that can be pulled or itch, the more comfortable you will be. Besides, when you're shaved, it's a lot more "fun" for multiple reasons. I really don't think you need a better reason than that! lol

In places such as italy, greece, spain etc its quite accepted and preferred.

ahhahahaha..; )

A lot of nice mental images swilring aroung here.... dont know if Im turned on or disgusted... a little of both actually