Most Important

I think this is the most important thing in a relationship. My boyfriend recently lied only for me to find out later. He stated that he did it to protect me...make me happy.....that was not the case by no hurt me so much. It has also made me have so many thoughts I wish I never had. Is he tellng the truth now....has he done this sort of thing before and I never found out?....will he do it again.....does he really want me happy.

If you value your relationship, please always be hurts way too much when you are not. And for all who are honest....many praises go out to you. Pat yourself on the deserve it

duehonk duehonk
46-50, F
1 Response Apr 9, 2008

My husband lied to me<br />
I found out he was having an affair with his work friend (low life piece of sh**)<br />
I'm still with him but don't ask me why<br />
I don't trust him and never will<br />
I don't see us staying together.<br />
Once a lair always a lair<br />
I'm counting down the days<br />
Till i say good bye forever<br />
It killed me to find out<br />
And im still hurting now<br />
Things will never be the same<br />
Why keep torching my self True ?<br />
I really feel for you !<br />
Be strong