I Wish I Can Have That Kind Of Friend

a honest and trustworthy friend....
fweshboi09 fweshboi09
18-21, M
1 Response May 11, 2012

You'll eventually find one of those kinds of friends. We all go through a lot of friends in our life time. Its simply a process of trial and error. You'll know who your true friends are. They'll have your back for life no matter what obstacles or hardships you'll encounter. They'll support your views no matter what they are or what they are regarding. Even if they happen to disagree with them. From what I've learned so far in life, the more you look for them, the more you wont find them. A lot of times, our true friends in life will be right under our noses where we least expect them to be. When we're not even looking. Just pay close attention to those you choose to associate with. Follow your gut instinct. You'll know if the people your associating with, will be real friends. Or what I like to call "beneficial friends" (People that are only your friends when they benefit from you).

Just keep a positive mindset and keep your head up. You'll know when you've found that true life time friend. Don't blame yourself for not finding the right one yet. There are plans set for our future that we don't know about yet. Everything happens for a reason.

: )