Yes Intelligent Men Are Sexy

 Although sometimes intelligent men are arrogant -big turn off there- when the man is intelligent and confident it spells TOTAL SEXYNESS. 

Men DO try hard to impress in bed. They often wonder "was I good", "was I better than her ex" and my favorite one "was she faking it". I know this because my guy friends to female friends is a ratio of 10-1. Yet, there's something a lot of girls my age detest admitting, because they don't want to be cast out from their stereotypical cliques. That one fact is that women LOVE SMART MEN. Its great to have a conversation from politics, life, psychology, God, or anything were two people can communicate openly. Tickle my brain, make me think, thinking of things other than my problems is a great anti-depressant for me. 

Have you ever found yourself in a relationship asking your parter "so what are you thinking?" Pish my brain goes la-la land and I don't even know what I'm thinking half the time. How about asking about "what do you think about Obama's policy on health care?" Or "Isn't it interesting that the SAW 6 movie made some references to the healthcare issue being its a gory horror film?" Oh, and a gear grinder for me is a man that talks NON STOP about things he doesn't even know. = /

Oh and MEN; research has found that intelligent women are better in bed, not only are they more sexually open into pleasing you, but also read your cues into what you like, LOVE, and pleasures you the most. Oh what? A girl can't watch MANSWERS, please is one of the best shows ever created! (Oh and by the way that's pretty true, I had to take some human sexuality courses (more like SEX courses) while in college and thats one of the things I learned. XD


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I love intelligent men too, but more than that I love intelligent men who have a quiet intelligence, that they don't feel the need to shout about it and be brash and arrogant. I once went out with a guy who thought he was above me because he had a degree, and he was always bragging about his intelligence to anyone who would listen. Very, very offputting!
By contrast, I have friends who are currently studying for their Masters who are humble about their intelligence. They never brag about it and treat everyone with respect, no matter who that is, and that is so much more refreshing, and yes....definitely sexy!

oh god yes! ;) lol. I love a man who can hold intellectual conversations and has general knowledge about pretty much anything no matter how useless it is! xD So then I can always learn something new and because i'm curious aswell and i tend to remember useless but interesting bits of info we can both learn together. LOL i'm such a geek ;___;

curiosity is certainly THE FIRE STARTER... keeps you young at mind and often ends up with healthy, wealthy n orgasmic moments :)

Take ME dancing...

I have to second what brainscanhug is trying to convey here. I'm the same way. All I've ever had in my life is my so-called "smarts". Not looks or charisma or athletic ability. But I feel that I can only spread my intelligence so far, only use it to my advantage so much, before all of my other glaring shortcomings seep through like a sieve. Unfortunately for me, I've always believed that "intangible" traits like charisma and personality are inborn, not made. No more than the peacock can make his plumage brighter just by will alone. Maybe it's a narrow-mined view, but with some people, there is a glass ceiling to personality. I feel I'm in that category.

Women are like "dogs". You are right. They are shallow and have no logic :p

Whatever. I can act confident and make women like me. I don't want to be fake. And I should be insecure. I'm challenging all evil. <br />
<br />
My dad is really smart. Makes money playing poker.<br />
<br />
Tests are stupid. You are smart.

LOL I used to be really shy. Now I open up, and people are even afraid as to how I speak up my ideas. My mom taught me that, even though at first when I was younger I was so scared of speaking up. It has helped me on gaining a better understanding of myself, what I WANT and NEED. <br />
<br />
O.O I can't believe that you feel that you have to act like a loser for your own father not to feel embarrassed. He should be proud he has a smart son. Heck, I try to be smarter, but unluckily there's only so much my brain can handle PLUS I am a HORRENDOUS TEST TAKER. I mean REALLY bad, as in I get anxiety, panic. I even got really sick for an important test for a government job! <br />
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Hmmm, I think you need to work on your self esteem. Sounds like you aren't happy, you say you don't feel attractive and that your father is not accepting of your intelligence. I think that you should toss out those negative connotations of yourself first, because women are like dogs, they can spot insecurity. AND If you are in any way insecure, they'll know, and won't like it. Because women want to feel like they can be taken care of. <br />
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First, every person has something attractive in them. I've seen fugly men that have a charming persona, and women fall for it! So don't beat yourself up in feeling unattractive. <br />
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Secondly, (this is going to sound rude, but I've held on to this idea for so long and I'm a LOT happier for doing so) if your father feel embarrassed that he has a smart son, SO WHAT? You should be yourself. As I stated, I live with the credo that if someone is negative, I pay NO mind to it, and if THEY bring me down, I'll get rid of them. I'm known for that. I've lost a LOT of "friends" but gained better more understanding and deserving ones. <br />
<br />
I just remembered I took one of my guy friends and I was his wingman and I made that guy dance with 20+ girls at a club. So, he was like "I've never had these many women come to me." I taught that guy how to talk, how to behave around women still being himself and now he's a Don Juan. I've unleashed a monster. But he gained a better self esteem and I was happy that he was happy XD

:). I'm also sorta shy (although I might pretend to be extroverted sometimes) and on top of that bad at paying attention to what people are thinking.<br />
<br />
Plus, I am a nerd who purposefully acts like a loser around my dad so he won't be embarassed about me. <br />
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Pretty much the only way I am going to know if a woman likes me is if she just comes out and says it. Of course, that means I will go for those ones. And that always ends badly.

Huh... interesting. Maybe you should work on perceiving yourself more attractively. I've met men that don't think they're attractive yet they have 10+ after them (my ex was one of them, and I was HEAD OVER HEELS FOR HIM)<br />
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Different women like different things in a man. What I FIND TO BE SEXY is different from what my friends like. There's a lot of women that are shallow, I'm not. There has to be chemistry of course, but there's also other characteristics I desire, for instance; I also find a man that can make me laugh incredibly sexy, I like a man that can communicate instead of bottling things up, enjoyment on watching movies, going out and the list goes on. There's a lot of things that I both like and dislike in a man I can write a book. Probably you're going after the wrong girls = / <br />
OR you're not even noticing the ones that are attracted to YOU!

Well, I do not feel very attractive. So when women say that they like intelligent men, it makes me feel like I must be dumb. Are there problems with this outlook. Yes. Do those inconsistancies make me feel better. Nope.

= / HMM, I don't know EXACTLY what was it that I said that you "hate", maybe stating "intelligent men that are humble are SEXIER" how about that, is that better?<br />
I don't see confidence with a negative connotation. What I dislike is when an intelligent man is arrogant to the point that they feel they have to bring the other person down, its annoying and degrading. <br />
AND I don't think you should ever feel insecure about your intelligence. Why would you anyways? <br />
Don't feel insecure because you're intelligent. Be happy you're not an idiot that tries to use their big muscles to allure women, with no backbone in intelligence. =/

I hate when women say this. It makes me feel insecure about my intelligence. And the liking confidence thing is totally annoying. The way guys get confidence is by being losers.

LOL. what? "the way guys get confidence is by being losers" what does this mean? Only losers are confident? I was about to comment on her story but I was sidetracked by her comment.
Some women like shy men too. Its not like all are the same and are only attracted to one or two traits. One thing that is really unnattractive in both genders is being a negative *** for no reason. lol ;-)

Gee thanks.