Thanks Mom

my past was and still is mom could not find love in any of her relationships,so she crawled into my bed when i was very young.since this kind of abuse is hidden more than others i had no choice but to suppress.after she died i thought it would be life has gone nowhere but down since and i have trouble letting people into my hell oops i mean life.
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youre not alone in your situation...there is a lot more of it that goes on that no one else ever finds out about unless youre real close friends with them...moms, dads, uncles, family friends, are all there to protect you but many of them have motives other than your best welfare at heart...

Think my past is f***** up too. molested by step-dad, did things I shouldn't have when I was younger, didn't meet real-dad til I was what a let down! still thinking you have a chance. I believe in love. Don't let your past or her indiscretion cripple YOU<<br />
HUGZ.<br />

I'm so sorry your Mother used you. I hope you can find a way for yourself. My heart goes out to you. Mox