Can Be Hard... But There Are Ways To Help Make It Easier!

Making female friendships can be hard.. but with a little bit of effort and a different perspective it can be easy to make and create female friendships.

There is a website that allows women over the age of 18 to meet with other women in their local area. You can browse by interests or different ages... or even with ladies who have children the same ages you do.

Check it out! Girlfriend Social- Where women make female friends! -

Girlfriend Social - Where women make female friends!

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3 Responses Jul 29, 2010

Thank You 4 your advice. Yep Insecurity up the crotch here. My heavy roommate knows long ago I was bigger than her. She has had eating disorders and failed @ her fitness job so she never lets me live it down. I achieved where she failed. She gangs up on me with the other roommate. I'm working on moving out.

I guess you know better than I however you do appear to have a problem here.I would simply try to ignore it,they are doing it because they feel insecure.You obviously are a very attractive lady and sometimes this can bring out feelings of jealousy from others,it's not your problem,let them get over their petty sulks.

Females are competitive with me and I'm still youthful and attractive for 39 so I pay lol. My roommates are stomping around right now, I have 2 roommates and they hate because they get no male attention in this house. I am the only 1 that has company here. <br />
<br />
Females have always been caddy with me. In childhood most of friends were boys, girls always segregated me. In my house now my fat beast roommate tries to control this house and won't let me use the house phone even if I pay. she's envious and always in my business. I'm not caddy. It does nothing 4 me. I try and avoid drama but it follows me. <br />
<br />
I don't need 2 throw myself @ other womens male friends. I get this alot when I'm out with a guy friend, women come out of the woodwork 2 flirt with my friend. The man could be my brother PLEASE! It looks needy n desperate 2 be so pushy. Ladies why can't we all just get along!