I Find It Ver Difficult to Make Female Friends

....but on EP I find it really easy to make female friends. I guess that is because they are all so friendly! I love my female EPfriends! :D :D

TheLuckyHobo TheLuckyHobo
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Cheese-ometer?<br />
<br />
That sounds pretty epic, whatever it is.

You're all very special to me. :D<BR><BR><BR>I think I just heard the cheese-ometer exploding!

Yayy ^_^<br />
<br />
Your female EP friends love you too :D

You can! :) :) :) I need to read your stories first, though. So I'm going to do that now. I will add you only if you write stories that I like, coz I want to really mean it when I say I am your fan. I hope you will read plenty of my stories first too! <br />
I can't use EP regularly for much longer, as will be moving on irl, and will only be able to come here occasionally. I will try to get on as often as possible but I think i only have this month to use EP daily and get to know everyone. :/<br />
I'd best get-on with it!<br />
And then the f888888888ing connection goes!!! Aghhh!<br />
I hate that, I( cant get it to post! :'( Fing little SoB ******* PC peice of crap....<br />
still not doing it. Oh I hate it. I blame Bill Gates...<br />
clik clik clik clik clik aaaaghh! >:0<br />
BTW What a lovely username!! :D<br />
I love Kirsche! <br />
I love Slobovitz (spelling?) too. I had a bit that was brought over in a pop bottle! Really really strong! No need really. Better off with Kirsche. :)

Can I also be your friend? :-))

I don't know why it is really. I am just me I suppose. It's not because of anyone being biotches. I only have 2 irl friends anyway so it's not like I get any closer to guys. :/

:D You are good! very good! :D